7 Trust Factors for Improving Search Results Placement

Search algorithms are so complex that it is impossible to focus on just one or two elements when developing an SEO strategy. To place across all the major search terms for a business’ niche, they must study the competition and be prepared to modify their campaign. I walked readers through this in my article, The DIY SEO Audit: Next Steps for Beating Out the Local Competition Online. There are various […Read More]

5 Reasons You Need to List Local Business Hours Online

You already know that businesses need to maintain accurate NAP data (name, address, and phone number) online, but have you thought about how additional business details can improve visibility and attract consumers? For instance, have you considered why local businesses need to advertise their hours of operation online? That includes listing hours on the business’ website as well as in other local citations and business listings. 5 Reasons You Need […Read More]

Why the Google 3-Pack is a Big Deal

As of last Friday, Google has made more changes to the way it displays local business search results. What used to be known as the “7-pack” is now condensed to the “3-pack” with a “view more” link at the bottom of the local results. Clicking “view more” takes you to what some are calling the Local Finder, which displays 20 local results on the left and a map on the right. […Read More]

Mobile Can Make or Break Your Local Business: Mobile Marketing and Local SEO

It is essential that you consider mobile in your digital marketing strategy. Mobile websites and mobile marketing can make or break a local business! This means you have to optimize your website for local SEO and for mobile. Consider these facts about mobile marketing: More than 50% of mobile searches have local intent. Mobile search volume is on its way to surpass desktop search volume. Consumers spend an average of 15 hours a week on their […Read More]

Local Search, Part 2: 4 Steps to Create Accurate Online Business Listings

In the first post of this series, I outlined five steps for getting your business found through local search. The first of those, “Have Accurate Online Business Listings,” is covered in detail in this article. A Little History of Business Listings If you remember the old Yellow Pages that were inside printed phone books, you already understand the basic principle of online business listings. It’s just that now these listings […Read More]