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Why You Should Use the Google Business Profile Questions & Answers

Why You Should Use Google Business Profile Questions & Answers

Do you recall a few weeks ago when I talked with you about Bing, and the fact they are no longer featuring Yelp reviews as their primary review source? This is still the case, and now Bing seems to be making another change, or at least testing a change to the local panel.

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Is Bing Testing Adding Questions & Answers to Their Local Panel?

Search Engine Roundtable reports that Bing has added Questions & Answers in their local panel. Unlike the Google Questions & Answers section, Bing seems to be pulling the question and the answer from the business’ website. Since I can only recreate the results mentioned in the article above on the exact same listing out of the 10 I checked, at this point I’m considering this as something Bing is testing. You can see it for yourself here.

That Bing is pulling the question and the answer from the business’ website can be quite powerful. If they were to roll this out to all Bing listings and pull more questions and answers, this could really help local businesses to answer the common questions they get from customers directly in the local panel.

Bing Question & Answer Example

Let’s switch gears now and discuss the Google Questions & Answers section.

Google Questions & Answers Shouldn’t Be Ignored

I’ve talked with you about Google Questions & Answers before. When Google first added this feature in 2017 it was only available on Android devices. Later Google rolled it out to iOS, and now it’s available on desktop too.

At this point, a consumer and business owner can ask and answer questions through desktop or mobile directly on the business’ Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) listing. Questions and answers cannot be added to the business’ listing through the Google Business Profile (GBP) dashboard.

At Advice Local we know how important it is for our agency, brand and franchise partners to be able to monitor, respond and easily add Questions & Answers to a GBP listing. And we have the solution to make it all possible. Through our Enhanced Google Business Profile tool you can schedule Questions & Answers to publish to a single Google Business Profile listing or multiple listings – which is perfect for brands and franchises. We feature how it works here.

Google Questions & Answers Feature Is Quite Powerful

The questions and answers section within a business’ GBP listing can be powerful indeed. We can only hope that Bing rolls it out to all their listings. For those of you that are not creating Bing listings for the local businesses you represent, we can help with this. We actually include creating a Bing listing within our listing management solution at no additional cost.

Beyond your adding questions and answers to a GBP listing for the consumer to view, Google also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to answer questions a consumer may ask within this section of a business’ GBP listing.

Google Pulls Answers From Reviews

Google Question & Answers Artificial Intelligence Review Example

Shown above is the suggested answer a consumer would get if asking about the business’ speed of service. As you can see, the suggested answer is pulled from the reviews section of the business’ Google Business Profile listing. Also, note that while the question is about their speed of service, the AI determines that a review that includes fast and prompt service is the best answer. This is so powerful – and proves without a doubt why a business needs to not only actively get reviews, but to monitor and respond to them.

Google Pulls Answers From Google Business Profile Posts

Google My Business - Question & Answer - Post Example

Google also pulls answers to these questions asked by consumers from Google Business Profile posts. In this example, the question is what are allergy symptoms, and Google’s AI pulls up a Google Business Profile post as the suggested answer.

This is another example of why you need to be adding Google Business Profile posts to a business’ GBP listing on a regular basis. And these posts should include questions and answers to the most common questions that relate to your clients’ businesses.

I shared a case study awhile back on how adding Google Business Profile posts and photos helps a business get more maps and search views. Today’s revelation is another example of just how important it is to add GBP posts to a business’ listing.

Getting a Question Featured for the Business Listing

Do you have a question on a business’ GBP listing that you want featured? Upvotes help make this possible. You can get correct answers featured on questions that have multiple answers with an upvote also. Focus on getting three upvotes for the question you want featured – same applies to get the correct answer featured.

What Steps Are You Going to Take to Leverage Questions & Answers?

We’ve covered quite a bit about Questions & Answers today. I recommend you put a process in place to get questions and answers written for your client’s Google Business Profile listing and uploaded on a schedule. You also need to be getting reviews and publishing Google Business Profile posts.

We know that this takes quite a bit of effort – especially if you’re managing multiple Google Business Profile listings, as many of our Advice Local partners do. It’s time to request a demo – learn about our listing management solution, all the features available to help you manage your clients’ Google Business Profile listings, including our Google Business Profile tool, plus much more.