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Local Business Marketing in 2021

Setting Up Local Businesses for Success in 2021

Do you remember back in October when I talked with you about planning seasonal marketing campaigns? How did it go? Were you able to help your local business clients get more business?

Local Presence Management Reseller Solution

As a reminder, I suggested you call and email your clients to find out what they had planned – and if their answer was “nothing,” to help them make that plan! From there I wanted you to take action and implement any necessary changes to their Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) and other business listings.

I even gave you some tips and tools to make it easier, such as creating a timeline for the activities that needed to transpire, and to use the available scheduling tools to help them implement their marketing plan.

While the holidays are not yet over, hopefully your focus is also on how you are going to help your clients keep the momentum (or improve it) in the first quarter of 2021.

We all hoped COVID would be over by now, but it seems it’s going to follow us into 2021. In North Texas, occupancies are dropping back down to 50% capacity at restaurants and such. The trend of mandates and consumers being cautious about the businesses they frequent is continuing.

Answer These Local Marketing Questions

  • How can you help your local business clients continue to get new customers?
  • How can you help them build trust with consumers online?
  • How can you help them demonstrate their expertise?

Over the past several months, I’ve been sharing new strategies and available features with you. As we inch closer to 2021, the above questions remain extremely pertinent, so let’s revisit just how you can help your local business clients.

1. Google Business Profile Optimization

Make sure your clients’ Google Business Profile (GBP) listings are optimized to share what their COVID procedures are, and that the business’ website has a page discussing it. Utilize all the attributes features that Google has made available.

2. Leveraging E-A-T for Local Business Marketing

That’s right – expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T) can help you better service your local business clients. While Google is referring to a business’ website content when they discuss E-A-T, this can and should be applied to a business’ online presence everywhere. Consider E-A-T as it relates to a client’s GBP listing, their social media presence and for Pete’s sake, the business’ directory listings!

3. Give There Local Marketing Some GAS

We developed the Google Authority Score – we call it GAS – to help you and your local business clients better understand how they are doing online, specifically as it relates to their Google Business Profile listing.

Take a Peek at Our Local Business Marketing Solutions

A new year is almost here – in fact it’s right around the corner. At Advice Local, we’re dedicated to helping you. Have you given any of our new product features a test drive? Request a demo and start 2021 off big.

You’ll see how our listing management services, voice search app technology and our Google Business Profile tool can help you! These add-on services not only help you to better serve your clients, they make your work easier – and offer additional services you can up-sell to your clients.