4 Fool-Proof Tips for Understanding Google Analytics

Data Has Become Too Complicated! When talking with clients and colleagues alike, one of the more popular comments I hear is that people are familiar with web analytics, but don’t consider themselves comfortable enough with the data to really understand what is being presented. I’ve always been fascinated by this response, though I’m certainly not surprised. Anyone can visit their favorite internet marketing publication and see an almost never-ending list of […Read More]

How to Avoid Social Media Hackers

While you might not think that there are any real dangers while using social media to brand yourself, you always have to be fully aware of the hackers out there. Yes, even trying to reel fans in on social sites like Twitter can make you a prime target of hackers. Facebook is another dangerous place to do business, along with even more professional sites like LinkedIn. There is a lot […Read More]

Infographic: Brand Loyalty

Many businesses choose to use a high percentage of their marketing budgets trying to get new customers. While continuing to get news customers is important, keeping your current customers may be more important. Brand loyalty means that a former customer continues to use your products or services instead of going to a competitor. There are many reasons that a consumer prefers a certain brand, and how they perceive your company’s […Read More]

Rob Garner, Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Digital Strategist Named as Chief Strategy Officer of Advice Interactive Group

Dallas Interactive Marketing Firm Continues National Expansion and Enterprise Growth Through Top-Tier Acquisition Advice Interactive Group is proud to announce today the key acquisition of Rob Garner to their corporate team as Chief Strategy Officer.  Garner was formerly Vice President of Strategy for iCrossing, Inc. and author of recognized industry SEO playbook, “Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing” (Wiley / Sybex 2013).   Garner’s experience has taken […Read More]

Advice Interactive Group Named to the Inc. 500 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies for Second Year

Dallas SEO Company, Advice Interactive Group Continues Trajectory Posting 2,807.9% Growth for 2012 We are pleased to announce that Advice Interactive Group announced today that Inc. Magazine has ranked the Dallas SEO Company number 131 on its 32nd annual Inc. 500|5000 list. For the past two years, Advice Interactive Group has made the list of private national companies who have achieved significant revenue growth year after year.  The Inc. 500 […Read More]

The Best Time to Post on Facebook is a Small Window

When is the best time to post on Facebook? This has been the biggest, most on-fire question for social media marketers since the unveiling of Facebook Pages for businesses. Instagram marketers have had a relatively collected pace in marketing because there always are websites like https://www.simplygram.com/how-to-get-more-followers-on-instagram/ to help them achieve a following. While there have been several studies, statistics, and general speculation about the topic, no one has ever really […Read More]

7 Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Customer Retention is Not What You Think It Is How to Cultivate Customer Loyalty I am sure you have heard time and time again, it’s easier (and cheaper) to keep an existing customer, rather than finding a new one. Many businesses are consumed with chasing new customers and often neglect the customers they already have. Improving customer loyalty is a key component in business today. Think about it from the customer’s […Read More]

Your Guide for Creating Effective Web Design Layouts for Online Businesses

The web. How often do we hear this term? Most of us cannot imagine a world without the web, where information is available to us at a faster pace, in a more accessible manner, and often with more insight than we know what to do with. That being said, e-commerce, or the act of buying and selling online, has become one of the most important aspects of the web for […Read More]

Social Media Marketing: The Evolution of Marketing

The Beginning Years-Word of Mouth Marketing Some of you may remember how word of mouth marketing worked in the years prior to the internet. You have a particular purchase in mind, and you call a couple of your friends on the phone to get their opinions on different brands, dealers, or providers, and you don’t make your decision on the purchase until you have your Dad’s approval. Back then, there […Read More]

Custom jQuery Rotating Banner Tutorial

As I was creating a banner the other day I realized it may be a ripe subject for a new blog post! So here we are: The Custom jQuery Rotating Banner Tutorial. Being a fan of instant gratification, here is the finished product we will be creating. Go ahead and mouse over it. The Custom jQuery Rotating Banner, in all its glory: [flex][/flex] CSS gradients courtesy of Ultimate CSS Gradient […Read More]