Why #GoogleGlass Deserves To Be Your Travel Companion

Recently, my husband and I were able to take a kid-free vacation. Not just any vacation. A dream vacation. One we had been planning for years. A couple things made this vacation exceptional. Not just the fact that it started in Hawaii, where we were able to visit with one of our newest accounts, Discover Hawaii Tours. (Which, by the way, offers some amazing opportunities to see the island with real pros). […Read More]

“Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing” Goes Global

We’re excited to announce the release of Chinese market translation of “Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing” by Rob Garner, Chief Strategy Officer at Advice Interactive Group. Due to the success of the book in English markets, this essential guide to modern Internet marketing will make its debut throughout China in late May 2014. “Search and Social” was published in 2013 and has since been lauded […Read More]

Google’s Not Provided Treatment Of Adwords Won’t Result In The Sky Falling

Don’t panic. The sky is not falling! If you are like me, your blood pressure shot up when you heard Google’s announcement last week. What announcement? Oh, you haven’t heard? Google is removing the query from the referrer on ad clicks that originate from SSL searches on Google.com. I know that sounds a lot like old SEO news, but this announcement actually impacts Google AdWords. If you manage AdWords accounts […Read More]

The Death Of Guest Blogging Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

No matter what you are hearing today, guest blogging is a valuable tool. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you why guest blogging is great. But if you need to hear it again, here it is: guest blogging is GREAT! It will help you in many ways. It helps you gain exposure for yourself and your brand, and lets you reach out to your target market. It helps […Read More]

3 Things Your Competition Isn’t Doing on Social Media

Social media marketing is a hot commodity these days. Everyone wants it but many don’t understand what it is or why it’s valuable. Here’s the bottom line: Social media marketing allows you to position your brand in front of your target audience in an approachable and authentic way, lending credibility to your company and hopefully driving traffic and conversions. There’s no one straight path to follow when it comes to […Read More]

SEO Is 90 Percent Content

Content marketing, to many of us, is the latest shiny thing, creating buzz and inviting rhetoric from companies large and small. But to the folks who’ve been in and around digital marketing for more than 10 minutes, content marketing is nothing more than media (content) publishing with the goal of acquiring customers. It’s a fact Beth Kahlich knows all to well, which is one reason I reached out to her to be […Read More]