It’s All About the Perfect Gift – And It Starts With Listing Management

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for that special someone – by “that special someone” we mean your clients, of course. While receiving a voice assistant might be neat, nothing will be more appreciated than listing management services. People are accustomed to seeing the holiday season as the time of the year when they spend the most money. But what if your […Read More]

Changes This Week Impact Mobile, Voice, GBP and… Even Commutes!

While this week wasn’t full of as many surprises as usual, Google still managed to roll out a few new features that will impact voice search, mobile devices, your commute, domains, and even Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). But before we get into all the changes around the web this week, I would like to share a little success with you. Last week, I attended one of my […Read More]

Is the Face of Search as We Know It Changing Forever?

Google Celebrates 20 Years by Changing the Face of Search!? As Google celebrates 20 years of search this week, let’s all take a moment and thank them. True, their frequent changes can make our work more of a challenge, shall we say – but what would we all be doing without them? Would marketers, agencies, SEOs, and so on do this work we love to do if Google hadn’t decided to […Read More]

It’s All About “the Google”

It Really Is All About “the Google” – Here’s Why You Can’t Ignore Them Whether you love Google or love to hate them, we can’t get around the fact that they rule the internet—they have over 90 percent of the search engine market share worldwide, after all. In fact, as of today, Google has 86.39 percent of the market in the United States! Needless to say, no one can afford […Read More]

“Near Me” Search Is Up 900% – Find Out Why You Should Care!

Each week, we scour the web for what’s new and what’s hot. This week, before I talk about “what’s new,” let’s talk about “what’s hot.” “Near Me” is “What’s Hot” As you may know, each year the #AdviceLocal team huddles up and pulls out the most impactful internet trends revealed by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins (formerly Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, aka KPCB) for our annual infographic based on […Read More]

The Google 1-2-3’s for You: Meet the Super-Empowered Consumer

We like to share our partner perks whenever possible and that’s exactly what I’m going to do today. We had the chance to invite our clients and friends to attend our Google Partners Connect webinar and not everyone got to attend. So today we bring the most important highlights to you via our blog. But First, Here’s a Few Stats to Set the Stage 87% of smartphone users turn to […Read More]

Yes, Local Businesses Can Offer Amazing Customer Service with Facebook Messages

Creating and managing a Facebook Page is a great way to expand a local business’ online presence and stay in touch with local shoppers. But there’s another reason businesses need to stay active on Mark Zuckerberg’s social site: to provide on-the-go customer service through Facebook Messages. KPCB’s 2017 Internet Trends Report revealed that 60% of consumers want easier access to customer support. Using Facebook Messages is one specific way local […Read More]

What’s Happening with Google Lately? How These Changes Can Impact Local Businesses

Google has certainly been busy lately! That’s exactly why we published this article about future-proofing your SEO strategy against Google updates. Over the past month, marketers and consumers alike have noticed a number of interesting changes to some of the search giant’s core products and features. Since many of the updates affect online visibility for local businesses, we thought it would be helpful to provide a quick glimpse into what’s […Read More]

Why Local Businesses Need to Integrate More Visuals Into Their Marketing

Humans are visual creatures, so it’s no surprise that images are more attention-grabbing than text alone. Not only are consumers more drawn to visually-pleasing content, but they’re also more likely to remember it later. There are many types of visual content – photographs, videos, infographics, and GIFs. Sharing a variety of visuals is an easy way to create interest and drive engagement, which translates into in-store profits. Today I’m going […Read More]

Collect and Connect: 8 Ways a Local Business Can Grow Its Email List

While no one loves the idea of getting another email, the simple truth is growing a list is an important component of lead nurturing for every local business. Consumers that want to know about a business’ products and services will subscribe, but if they don’t hear from them, they’ll tune out and move on to another business that is emailing them. Beyond using an email newsletter to maintain a relationship […Read More]