Where Did My Categories Go on My Google+ Local Page?!

This topic has been receiving a lot of buzz lately, so it only seems appropriate that we touch base on the subject of the Big G and their +Local pages categories. Remember the good old days when there seemed to be no problems with your “Google Local business listing,” and you could have ten categories? Below is an example of what this used to look like. Example: The above screenshot was […Read More]

15 Tactics to Promote Your Business Online

As usual, the Search Engine Journal makes a good point in Steven McDonald’s post, which you can see here.   However, I do think that in point 9, where it says (and I quote): “9. Optimize Mobile SEO and Its Accessibility The smartphone is the new yellow pages and mobile search, as a percentage of total Web traffic increases each month. In fact, experts predict that mobile usage will overtake […Read More]

Advanced Web Ranking SEO Tool Review

Advanced Web Ranking SEO Tool Review There are a lot of SEO tools out there, but very few could scale to the needs of my agency at an affordable price point. We were using IBP and another cloud based solution. With an ever increasing client base, IBP was starting to show it’s limitations. I gave Advanced Web Ranking a try and came away with a tool I can definitely use […Read More]

Using Wufoo WebHooks to add leads to Zoho CRM

This is an advanced tutorial and assumes you are comfortable with PHP, Wufoo, and Zoho If you are like me you love Wufoo for creating forms. Wufoo integrates with a lot of services out of the box but sometimes you need to integrate with an application that Wufoo doesn’t have built-in integration for. I recently had to put up a contact form onto a site that needed to integrate with […Read More]

Marketing and The 4-Hour Workweek: A Commentary Without Data, Information, or Useful Tips. A Thanksgiving Treatise

Reader Beware: If you are a Marketing Manager, an Ad Executive, a Social Media Coordinator, a Search Engine Strategist, a Web Developer, a Creative Designer, or another student of the rarely glamorous, often thankless field of goalpost-moving metrics, management, and ideas we call marketing… read on. If not, I would suggest spending your next several minutes watching this short video of a surprised cat. The brave read on… Timothy Ferriss […Read More]

Responsive Web Design: Fluid Images

This is the fourth and final part of the series of posts I’ve been writing over the past few months about responsive web design techniques. So far, we’ve covered the basics of what responsive web design is: the fluid grid and CSS3 media queries. Seemingly, our responsive site is complete. However, there is one key component missing in our site: fluid images. Sure, our site responds to the size of […Read More]

The Winning Edge of the Professional SEO is to Write the Right Proposal

I read the post from Search Engine Journal, written by Ellen Gipko and she makes very interesting comments and points to the way SEO Companies make sales proposals…  Personally, my favorite piece is the following excerpt: (…) “IF IT DOESN’T FIT, DON’T FORCE IT In your ambition to sell your services, it’s very easy to focus on what’s good for you instead of what’s good for the customer. That shortsighted […Read More]

How to Capitalize on Holiday Spending

With the holidays quickly approaching, businesses are beginning to prepare for seasonal shoppers. Because 66% of consumers do their shopping online, it’s important for businesses, especially e-commerce sites, to holiday-proof their web presence. Whether you’re selling products or services, every business should optimize their blog posts, social media updates, and their company website for the holidays. Not only will holiday-infused content and special offers attract more traffic and visibility, they […Read More]

What Daniel Day-Lewis’s Method Acting Can Teach Writers

Daniel Day-Lewis is known for his method acting. He goes to extremes — which can sometimes bridge on dangerous — in order to fully experience the role he’s cast to play, including his role as President of the United States in Lincoln, opening today. Here are a few of his other famous method acting techniques: In Gangs of New York (2002, dir. Martin Scorsese), Day-Lewis took butchering lessons from a […Read More]

Does Google Automatically Localize You?

In a forum I was reading the other day someone posted this question: Does Google automatically localize you by location? For example, if a searcher resides in LA. When I type in “car repairs”, will I get local LA results only? And this is regardless of whether I am logged into my gmail account or not. My answer was: Well, What happens is that if the user, for instance, types […Read More]