Going Off-Canvas for Mobile is Easier Than You Think

Disclaimer: This tutorial assumes you have intermediate knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 and beginner knowledge of jQuery/Javascript. In this tutorial we will be creating a basic design with a content area and a sidebar then using CSS3 for media queries to move the sidebar off-canvas for mobile. View the demo source or download the files to follow along. The HTML5 I won’t go into much detail here since we will […Read More]

Three Misunderstood Social Media Sites

Social media marketing is all about getting your content out there—into the hands (onto the screens) of your followers, your fans, and your customers. But that doesn’t mean that all social media sites are created equal. It also means that you shouldn’t treat your different audiences the same. At the heart of your social media strategy is likely your blog. And for good reason—blogs provide fresh content for your site […Read More]

Don’t Be Socially Introverted, Use Social Media Effectively

I understand that social media can be a little daunting, and you may not know where to start but I’m here today to give you a few simple pointers to make your journey easier. First, you need to understand that integrating your business with the social networks is more than simply a trend; social media networks have grown into an integral part of any company’s marketing plan and you can no longer […Read More]

Online Merchants Beware: The Google Zebra Update Is Coming

The Zebra update is fast approaching…are you ready? I am! As owner of an internet marketing agency it’s important that I keep up with everything Google. With all the changes, updates to Google best practices, updates to their algorithm, updates to their blogs… it seems like I am wasting half my day reading, worrying and preparing for the next upheaval in the SEO community. Just trying to figure out what is true and what […Read More]

Hey Folks, It’s Still About an Overall SEO Strategy

I am still always amazed by the sheer number of supposed digital marketing firms that continue to pitch their clients on ancient techniques that have been shown to not work over and over again. Here is a bit of advice to any potential businesses looking to work with a digital marketing  agency: if all they tell you is how they are going to build you X number of links over […Read More]

Content Relevancy & Transformation

The Internet has made it easy to write about pretty much any subject you want, but good business means writing about something that people will care about. It should also be related to your brand somehow, or the search engines could find it irrelevant. But how do you make content relevant? Why Research is Key When I know I will be writing a blog post, eBook, or even something related […Read More]

Buried SEO Treasures: 4 On-Page Optimization Musts for Google Love

On-Page Optimization Techniques for Google Love Do you ever get the feeling you’ve forgotten something? It’s a feeling you can’t shake, but you just can’t put your finger on it. The problem is, it often happens when you forgot something very important, something that can ruin an important event, your day, or even worse. As the saying goes, “It’s the little things that matter.” Minor things which seem too insignificant […Read More]

If Content is King, are Images Queen (And Therefore Really King)?

As a woman soon to tie the knot, I feel comfortable saying my relationship falls in my favor a majority of the time. If I don’t want to drive, he will. If there are fries at the bottom of the bag, I get to eat them. (This is also partially because I have an addiction.) If he wants to watch Game of Thrones, and I want to watch Mad Men, […Read More]

Why Local SEO Matters

Traditional phone book advertising is dying and local online search is exploding. The numbers prove it. 54% of consumers say they replaced their phone book with the Internet. 1.8 billion searches involve consumers looking for local businesses every month. 43% of online searches made on Google include a geographic identifier like city or zip code. 70% of Internet users report using search engines to find a local service. Offline sales […Read More]

Free Video Examples

Video Boosts Local Search Engine Ranking Your customers live in a digital age of instant online results. When they do an online search, our site submission service helps ensure a top ranking for your website. Your listing can outshine the competition by offering all the relevant information, photos and keywords needed to attract a customer’s attention. For even better results, we add visual impact through the use of a video […Read More]