Don’t Let Your Digital Brand Fall Behind

If you are a business owner, creating a digital presence is a necessity in today’s marketing landscape. According to the MIT Sloan Management Review, a study regarding Fortune 500 firms at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth shows that a total of 365 companies, or 73%, were found to have a corporate Twitter account. Now, your company may not be at the Fortune 500 level, but I’m going to go out […Read More]

How Content is Changing the Social Web

Content is how we communicate with people, both online and offline. Not just words on a page, but videos, images, games—it’s all content, and it all communicates something. Thanks to developments in the social web, people can now share content with their networks at a rapid rate, communicating ideas, news, and information like never before. Social networking sites have become a hub of daily activity for people around the web […Read More]

Web Development and Design Tools of 2013

2013 was a great year here at Advice. Internet marketing is booming and web design and development are growing at an incredible pace. We asked the members of our design and development team to talk briefly talk about what tricks, tips, and tools they learned in 2013. Ryan Nielsen One of my favorite finds this past year was Zapier, a tool that allows you to easily connect web applications. We’ve […Read More]

How To Add A Business Listing To Yahoo Local Click on the above link. Click on “Sign Up”.  Fill in the required details, then click “Next”. The next page gives you the opportunity to change any information, add a website URL, and a business email. Click “Submit” when done. The next page will require you to verify your listing. There are 3 options: Phone call SMS text Postcard (which is sent to the business address listed) The quickest […Read More]

The Perfect Recipe for Social Content

You’ve heard of content. You’ve heard of social media. But social content? Social content, which has the power to do two jobs at once if crafted properly, is content created specifically for social media. It’s a means of generating smart, effective content that continues to work for your business beyond the website. You might say social content is web copy with social media baked in. Snackable Tidbits Has a cutesy […Read More]

How To Add A Business Listing To Cityvoter Click on the link at the top right “Find Your City.” Find a location that is closet to you and click on it. Next click on the link in green at the top right hand sign that says “Businesses” Next click on the green button that says “Get Started.” On the next page, you will be asked to search for your business. Enter your business name in to the […Read More]

How To Add A Business Listing To Bizvotes Click on the above link. Click on your state. Scroll down, find your town/city, and click on it. To the left you will see some categories, click on the one with the closest relevance for your business. On the next screen, there will be a number of sub-categories. Select the one most relevant for your business. A list of businesses in that town under that category will […Read More]

How To Add A Listing To Infignos Visit above link A page opens where you will enter business information, select keywords, and category. Remember to click the square that states you accept the terms of the site, then click “Submit Listing.” You will at this point be given a temporary password. This will also be included in the verification email. You will then be required to verify your email address. Open your the email from […Read More]

How To Add A Listing To HotFrog Click on the above link A Page will open where you can add basic business information. You will also need to create a HotFrog login, and that can be done from this page. Complete the captcha and click “Submit.” Once the information has been submitted, you will need to go to your email and validate via the link sent. Open the email and click on the link […Read More]

How To Add A Listing To infoUSA Click on the above link When the page opens, you will be faced with one of 2 options, express update or bulk update. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using express update. Click “Go To New Site.” Enter your business phone number, or business name and address to search for your business. You may have to click “enter” on your keyboard for the search […Read More]