Expand Your Brand Reach: Submit for Awards Programs

How many times have you contemplated submitting your work for awards programs and then changed your mind? Perhaps you think it isn’t worth the time it will take to pull your entry together. As a CEO who has spent many an hour pulling together entries, I can tell you that it is indeed worth it. My company has won many awards, some of them because I took the time to personally pull […Read More]

5 Reasons Businesses Need a Mobile App (Even If Their Website is Mobile-Friendly)

Smartphones have created a wealth of new marketing opportunities for businesses. Having a mobile-friendly website is certainly crucial, but it’s not the only way to connect with mobile consumers. Since 90% of all time spent on smartphones and tablets is dedicated to mobile apps, even businesses with amazing responsive websites should create a mobile app that places their brand on the home screen of consumer devices. Why Every Business Needs […Read More]

Best Image Sizes for a Twitter Profile

One of the easiest ways to optimize a business’s Twitter presence is to update the profile and header photos with customized images. Ensure your company’s Twitter profile accurately represents your brand by uploading high-quality visuals that satisfy Twitter’s requirements for profile photos, header photos, and tweeted images. Header Photo Recommended size: 1500 x 500 Profile Photo Recommended size: 400 x 400 Display size: 200×200 Tweeted Photos Minimum size: 440 x […Read More]

What You Can Learn About Local Business Marketing from a Zombie Escape Room

So those of you that follow my writing know that I’m always talking about how local businesses can engage their local customers to expand their reach and brand awareness. Today, I’m going to give a real world example of a local business that is doing a good job of engaging their local customers when they arrive at their business, before they leave and after the fact. How The Advice Team […Read More]

Google’s New Divided Index Will Prioritize Mobile Search

In a move that underscores the growing importance of mobile search, Google will soon begin indexing search results separately for mobile and desktop users. Not only that, but the new mobile index will eventually become the primary one – officially placing desktop search on the backburner. Currently, all of Google’s results are pulled from a single index of documents regardless of whether the search is performed on a laptop, tablet, […Read More]

Best Image Sizes for a Facebook Page

As the most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook presents a powerful opportunity for businesses to connect with customers online. Maintaining a professional Facebook Page for a business requires uploading up-to-date, relevant, ‘likeable’ photos that adhere to the site’s size requirements for cover photos and profile pictures. Cover Photo Recommended size: 851 x 315 Minimum size: 399 x 150 Display size on computers: 828 x 315 Display size […Read More]

Mobile Makes Micro-Moments Possible: 11 Must Do’s to Capture these Moments

Mmm, micro-moments! Mobile makes micro-moments possible. Think on this for just a moment. Did you want to pick up your phone to Google “micro-moments”? If yes, that was a micro-moment. It’s important to understand these identifiable moments, leverage them, and reach people during their micro-moments. The growth of mobile has morphed behavior and expectations for consumers and brands alike. In this article, I will break down in detail the “11 […Read More]

11 Ways to Win Business with Micro-Moments [Infographic]

So, everyone’s talking about micro-moments! With many consumers checking their smartphone over 150x per day you must understand how to capture these moments. Can you believe we spend an average of 177 minutes daily staring at this small screen? That’s almost 3 hours of our lives. As consumers, we do not consider this to be wasted time. We use this small screen because we get answers to our inquiries. These […Read More]

The Best of Both Worlds: Using APIs and Manual Submissions to Boost Local Presence

Establishing a consistent, accurate online presence not only allows a business to make a good first impression on potential customers, but it’s also essential for local SEO. One of the best ways to grow a company’s web presence is by building a collection of high-quality citations – whether through manual location submissions, APIs, or (even better) a combination of both. APIs Can Reduce Listing Error 40% within 30 Days Adopting […Read More]

The Future of Twitter: What the Company Sale Might Mean

Last week, Twitter told CNBC that the company was considering a sale. The potential suitors include Salesforce.com Inc. (NYSE: CRM), The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) and Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOGL), among others. Shares of Twitter started high, but never quite kept up with expectations, so the news of the sale was not surprising to say the least. The company first debuted for $45 on the New York Stock Exchange in […Read More]