How Net Neutrality Affects You, Me and Everyone Else

Due to a new ruling by the FCC we now have free open access to the internet via the Net Neutrality Rules. The Open Internet Oder, as it is called, ensures that the internet services providers are now a neutral path to the internet and can no longer treat different types of traffic differently and charging different costs. Are You Ready for Net Neutrality? This policy replaces a previous version […Read More]

The Academy Awards, the Oscars and Your Brand Messaging

Like many of you, I watched the Oscars Sunday to see the outfits (just being honest) and to hear if any of my favorite movies or actors would win, but I was inspired to write this post on brands and how consistency in brand messaging is essential. After watching for a little while someone mentioned the Academy Awards and in the same sentence referred to it as the Oscars. Wait…what? […Read More]

Forum Posting for SEO: Yes or No and WHY?

The topic of forum posting for SEO purposes is one that causes extreme responses from those in the know and those that use them regularly. The benefits are widely debated, but as a business, it is important to find out if forum posting needs to be included as part of your digital marketing strategy. Google and Forum Posting for SEO Google does not give as much weight to links in […Read More]

How To Add A Listing To Insider Pages is a site dedicated to generating user content. The idea is to get real people to rate and recommend businesses like they do in real conversation. Like TripAdvisor, businesses can respond to ratings and reviews that they have received. This control over your image and ability to see what people think of your services is invaluable. If Insider Pages offered you nothing else, it would be worth it, but […Read More]

How To Add A Business Listing To is a listing site that garners over 1.7 million views per day, of which approximately 700,000 stay and visit the page.* For as low as $2 a month, you can get your site listed online. It assists businesses with local SEO and helps them ensure that their neighbors and community find their services when they search. The good entry price and ability to upgrade to significantly more powerful packages […Read More]

How To Add A Listing To GetFave

Editor’s Note: no longer exists. Please look to the best directories for directories we recommend. is a unique collaboration that allows businesses to list their information in a place that is easy for Google to access. While it gets less attention than other listing sites (only 61,000 hits per day*), it is great at working with Google to give you more visibility. Over 15 million American businesses use […Read More]

What I Learned Watching Saturday Night Live About Digital Marketing

Like many Americans, and probably many more worldwide, I watched the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Reunion Show a few days ago.  And it really got me thinking about digital marketing and how timing is everything. My take on it was much like the reviews I am seeing on social media and hearing on the morning radio shows – some of it was greatness and other parts were boring or […Read More]

10 Annoying Web Practices that Have to Stop! Number 3 Really Pisses Me Off!

The other day I read an article written by Greg Gifford, board member of our DFWSEM group, called 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Local Websites and this made me think. First I thought, great article Greg, then I thought…wait, that’s not all of them! One of the most important things today is audience engagement right? So I think you will agree, it’s important NOT to annoy your audience. Your […Read More]

How to Write a Cool Evergreen Blog Post

Evergreen content. Doesn’t the phrase just burst with freshness? But this is a bit of a paradox, really, because evergreen content isn’t necessarily new or fresh. Rather, they’re ideas of a sustainable and timeless nature, equally applicable at all times. An evergreen blog post is one that’s as appropriate today as the day it was written. It contains information that remains perpetually relevant despite the passage of time. According to […Read More]

Calculating the ROI on Industry Awards for Your Business

Are you one of those brands or agencies that will think, “I will submit for this award or that award” and then immediately move on to something else because you don’t see an ROI in taking the time to prepare your submission. Submitting pays off – check out some of our awards. Here at Advice Interactive Group, we, like all of you, want to make sure that we are always […Read More]