Facebook Creates Page Templates to Help Businesses Increase Visibility

If you manage a Facebook Page, you may have noticed that the latest update gives business owners more control over their social media presence. Facebook recently rolled out a new update that offers suggested Page templates for different types of businesses, including professional services, stores, and restaurants. In each case, the templates are designed to emphasize the tabs that matter most to the business’s target audience. The update allows businesses […Read More]

Google Testing Messaging Feature That Adds Chat to Search Results

Google is testing a new messaging feature that allows customers to chat directly with the businesses they find in search results. When viewing local listings in Google Search or Maps, customers will see a new ‘Message’ button on the listing for businesses participating in the pilot program. Customers can then click to connect with the business via text message or Google’s Allo app. For now, this feature is only available […Read More]

11 Free SEO Tools to Be Thankful for This Season

Now that the busy holiday season is officially underway, it’s more important than ever to remember to practice gratitude – even when it comes to the little things, like free SEO tools that make the workday a bit easier. These tools work best with the SEO services you use, because the advantages they render are advantageous to each in a unique way. On a day when all of America is […Read More]

5 Things Businesses Can Learn from Following Competitors on Social Media

So hopefully by now you know I am all about learning from the competition! Following competitors on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is another way to get valuable insights to help the local businesses you represent. Staying ahead of the competition requires knowing where the competition stands, how they are doing and what you can improve upon. Let’s dive in and explore how you can use social media to learn from others. Learn These […Read More]

Why Keeping a Pulse on Local News is Good for Business

The fact that local businesses can build brand awareness through local engagement and community involvement is both a luxury and a challenge. While many consumers happily support local businesses over out-of-town competitors, there’s also a heightened expectation for local businesses to participate in community events and connect with customers. Local businesses that keep a close eye on local news, events, and announcements have an advantage when it comes to building […Read More]

How to Use Eco Friendly Marketing to Convert Leads into Customers

Would you like to boost the amount of leads generated by your website? Do you want a large amount of targeted traffic arriving on your landing page each day? Would you like your website to hit the top results in the major search engines for your main keywords? At yourveganmarketer you will find tons of ideas to boost your business. Although the primary purpose of content marketing is not to […Read More]

Updated Google My Business Dashboard Sorts Listings By Status

Last week one of our team members was working in the Google My Business Dashboard and noticed a change that makes our work easier. We thought you’d like to hear more about it and explore how it can help you manage your own Google My Business listings. The updated dashboard allows users to quickly locate listings based on their current status. Under Account Summary, listings are organized by whether they’re published, not published, […Read More]

Yes, Local Businesses Can Leverage the Last Minute To Celebrate Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is right around the corner! Are you one of those marketers or small business owners that plans to do something each year to participate, but waits until the last minute? Don’t worry; it’s never too late to leverage an annual event like this. Keep reading for 6 quick ways to get more exposure for local business on Small Business Saturday. Celebrate Small Business Saturday Nov. 26. Click […Read More]

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

With more than half of all Google searches taking place on mobile devices, it’s necessary for businesses to ensure their websites are easy to access (learn more about the legal aspect of website accessibility) and navigate on smartphones and tablets. Mobile-friendly websites load quickly, display properly for mobile visitors, and often use responsive design, thereby allowing businesses to maintain a consistent brand image, improve customer experiences, and boost conversion rates. Tips […Read More]

A Quick Guide to Snapchat for Businesses

Some businesses are still hesitant to invest time and energy into establishing a presence on Snapchat – especially since the ephemeral nature of the app means content disappears after just 24 hours. But learning how to market on this social video network allows brands to connect with a younger demographic on a highly engaging platform. With over 150 million people engaging each day, Snapchat’s daily active users surpassed Twitter earlier […Read More]